Production and Technology

All of our liquid coffee concentrates are produced from premium grade un-roasted coffee stocks that have been carefully roasted and ground before processing. The production facility where the concentrates are produced meets all existing ISO standards, and is fully automated with state-of-the-art processing equipment.

The process used to brew and extract the coffee solids, concentrate the coffee, and then stabilize the coffee concentrates is proprietary to our group of companies. “PS-CSP” is our unique stabilization process that will extend the shelf life of our products for a minimum of 6 months without the use of refrigeration, high temperature processing, preservatives, or any non-coffee ingredients.
Processing Procedures:

Processing of the concentrate consists of several steps:
• Premium washed arabica coffees are chosen for maximum acidity and flavor.
• These coffees are then roasted to our specifications by master coffee roasters.
• Fresh roasted coffee beans are ground immediately before we begin processing our concentrates.
• The freshly roasted and ground coffee moves through our extraction systems and is processed into concentrate.
• A one-pass extraction, with the infusion of hot water, and a proprietary filtering process, is used to insure that only the highest quality of coffee solids are obtained, without extracting any harsh solids or oils.
• Only the finest 100% Arabica coffees are used in our premier blends to insure maximum quality.
• The aroma infusion is done during the extraction process at a processing temperature that insures complete colloid suspension of solids, thus preventing any separation or stratification of particles.
• Next, the concentrate is stabilized using our proprietary “PF-CSP” process.
• After an extensive cool down period, the product is packaged into the “Bag In Box” units with automatic filling equipment, in a sterile environment.
• All of our coffee concentrates contain 100% pure coffee solids and water.
• No artificial flavors or extenders are added.
• For selected blends, our aroma add-back is a derivative of coffee essence and oils extracted from the coffee bean by a unique process.


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